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How to play

Word'n'seek is a game, where you make words from letters in table above. Simply start typing some word on your keyboard or click buttons. Your word is going to appear next to the Current word.

If the word is red, it means you cannot make any word that is in our dictionary.

If the word is orange, it means you can make a word that is in our dictionary.

If the word is green, it means you have written a word that is in our dictionary! Now you can press Enter or click Submit word. Then you can find some more words and win the game by using all letters!

Basic overview

Word'n'Seek™ is a game where you make words from letters in a table. To make the best score, make long words because they give you more points. Your words can be brought back to the table. After you finish the game, your score will be compared with the score of original words and a percentage will be calculated. The game will show you the time it took you to complete the game. The goal is to complete the game with the highest score (percentage) as quickly as you can.

Hot new features 🔥

Daily challenges are now a thing! Update your mobile app to the latest version and compete with other players!
Every day, you can solve a new riddle and try to get the best score. You can view riddle statistics and compare your score with other players.

Upcoming features

I'd like to continue working on this game. Here are some features, that may be in Word'n'Seek in the near future.

  • Tournament: You'll be able to play the same riddle with your friends and try to beat them (e.g. have better score and time).

  • More customization features: You'll be able to customize background of the game and color scheme of the app.

Those features would be in the game quicker if you support me on Ko-fi or in the banner on the left

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