Word'n'Seek Privacy Policy

I. General Notes

This is the Privacy Policy of the game called Word'n'Seek.

This document has been last modified at 4/5/2024

For the purposes of this policy:

II. What data do We collect?

We don't collect any personal data, We only store data used by the Game necessary for the app functionality.

We collect the following data:

Some of the previosly mentioned data is stored only in the Word'n'Seek app, not on the website.

This data is stored only on your device or your browser, it is not sent to any third-party servers.

We collect the following data that is sent to Our servers:

This data is sent to Our servers and it is kept under Your unique user ID.

III. How do We use your data?

Your data is only used for the customization purposes, or the purposes of reminding you to donate.

IV. How can you delete your data?

If you want to delete your data, you can do it by navigating to "Settings" > "Delete my data" in the Word'n'Seek app, or by clicking "Show settings" and then "Delete my data" on the website.

V. Changes to This Policy

We may provide changes and improvements to this policy without any notice.

VI. Contact Us

If you have any questions to this Privacy Policy, you can always contact Us at this email adress: wordnseek@gmail.com